He runs for an hour a day, prepares food, and takes his son to train

But it is that, badly enough, Gerard already has 33 springs and his price is in line with the weight of age. From the DNI go, because the Catalan continues to have an indisputable hierarchy and would continue to be chosen by the vast majority of the world’s technicians in their ideal eleven of the moment.


The Spanish-Dominican has not curdled since his arrival. The Barça elastic is coming to him something great and, above all, being in the shadow of Jordi Alba. In fact, he has had more opportunities than he could have imagined precisely because of the injuries of L’Hospitalet, but he has not been able to convince. It has many numbers to leave, we will see if in the form of a transfer or assignment.


Too many transfer windows in the eye of the hurricane as a sure sale and the Croatian has been resisting as best he could. Obviously his market value is not the same as a couple of years ago, when the club expected to get around 60-70 ‘kilos’ for him, but still he will be put back on the starting ramp with the aim of getting , at least, the price of its current quote.


He arrived as Ter Stegen’s ‘bodyguard’ in a very strange exchange with Cillessen, who had offered an excellent performance in the shadow of the German during his time at Barça. The truth is that the Brazilian has barely accumulated four official games this season in which he has conceded seven goals, numbers that leave a lot to be desired. The club, open to everything with him.


Now an ‘old rocker’, the Chilean continues to wage war and has an ascendancy in the team despite his almost 33 years. Experience in most European leagues, the intensity and aggressiveness it brings to green are highly valued by its technicians, even by the most purists like Setién. In any case, it would be a surprise if he did not change of scene in summer …


We have all been a bit wanting to see more of the Danish. Luck has certainly not accompanied him because when he began to enter the rotation and impregnate all of us with that energy and that self-confidence on the field, this whole crisis exploded. The feeling is that it was a temporary patch and that the technical secretariat would not look down on recovering the 18 ‘kilos’ of investment.


It is one of those cases that the club must analyze in depth and that promises to become a soap opera in the short term. Riqui has a quality beyond any doubt, but it is evident that it is very difficult to enjoy a leading role in the first team. A sale is not contemplated, but a transfer is. In that case, the club should renew it previously because in one year its contract expires …


Despite not having had continuity in the first team and having exercised a little patch up to now due to Umtiti’s injury and sanctions at different times of the season by Piqué and Lenglet, the Uruguayan is a central with projection, physically very powerful and that he has a link with the club until 2023. He should take a leap in the form of the first team or loan for the next season. 

"I acclimatise myself to everything: if I have to train a team, I do it, if I have to sell glasses, I do it, I have no problems. My father taught me that you have to do whatever it takes to push forward, ”reflects Francisco Javier Sánchez Jara, one of those football workers who forged a career in the Barça youth academy but had no luck in the first team.

Nov 23, 2017 at 4:53 pm CET

Javier Giraldo @javiergiraldo

About to turn 14, the Barça scout in the Lleida area recruited him for the Blaugrana club and changed his life. “I left my town, from which I had hardly ever left, to go into the city and hallucinate with everything. At first it cost me, because it is not like now: there was a phone booth for forty guys, “he recalls.

He progressed slowly but surely (the coaches who most marked him in his youth were Quique Costas, Charly Rexach and Toño de la Cruz) and when he had to make the jump to the first team, there was no room for him. So he packed his bags and went to Osasuna, where he made his debut in First Division and became a truly professional soccer player. 

Two years later, Cruyff played him back for the Barça first team. “But it was a weird year, 1994, after the World Cup, with Romario being late after the holidays and a lot of new people after the final in Athens.” He hardly had opportunities and his name is often associated with that of Cruyff’s frustrated signings, but despite everything, optimistic by nature, his memory is positive.

“It was not a good year, but it was the year that I got. I learned a lot and I was lucky enough to play for Barça, to live with very important people, and that is something that I value a lot ”.

At the age of 24, he went to Betis, moved by the illusion of succeeding in a team to which he was joined by a certain sentimental bond: his father, who died last June, was Betic. “I signed for five years, but I didn’t play as much as I wanted. Then, as how to bet on 1xbet the years went by, I thought maybe I should have been more patient. “

In love with Gijón

But he left Seville to cross the map and land in Santander: three seasons consolidated in First Division and the birth of his daughter, who is now a brilliant third-year law student in Lleida. From Santander he moved to Gijón, to play for Sporting, already in the Second Division, and perhaps he would have stayed there (“because of the people, the atmosphere, the food… it is a spectacular place, if it weren’t for family circumstances, I might have stayed there. stayed there to live ”, he confesses).

The circumstances were none other than the imminent birth of his son Mario, now a cadet at Lleida. It was time to return home, to Almacelles, 20 kilometers from Lleida, and start a new life. He was able to go and play in China, when that was an uncertain adventure, and he also had an offer from the Marítimo de Funchal in Madeira, but he preferred to stay in his town and carry out an idea that had haunted his head since his time in Gijón.

“We lived on Corrida street and very close to home we had a Casa store, we bought many things and when we came to Lleida we saw that there was no store in the city.” That’s how he started the franchise. He did not need business or economics studies, just push, win and of course, his wife, Yolanda. The business worked very well (with ten and twelve employees) or simply well (with four or five) until the crisis and the boom in Internet sales invited Sánchez Jara and his wife to close it, just a few months ago. “There was more competition and the Internet has been noticed, at least here in Lleida.” But there is no hint of resentment or reproach in his voice on the other end of the phone. 

Tandem with Ferrer

Optimistic and vital, Sánchez Jara is not one to get bored: he formed a tandem with Albert ‘Chapi’ Ferrer in two adventures, Mallorca and Córdoba, and he loved the experience. “In Córdoba I was moved to see older people and children so young cry with the promotion,” he recalls.

More comfortable in the role of second coach than in that of first (“because of my character, I prefer that second plane”), now he also helps Ferrer, in something “lighter”, to prepare for Barça Legends games, in which he also play. The band runs almost like when he played in First Division, because he is physically very fine, at 48 years old.

He runs for an hour a day, prepares food, and takes his son to train. He watches all the football he can (especially in Lleida, Huesca, Zaragoza and Barcelona) to keep up to date and remains open to everything: if the opportunity arises to rejoin a team with Ferrer, go ahead. And if the possibility of starting another business arises, then too.

The Barça team, led by Carles Rexach, won in a hectic duel that began with a goal from Mendieta after half an hour, although on the edge of halftime De la Red tied (1-1, 45 ‘). Tomàs, in 77 ‘, broke the tie and gave the Catalans the victory.


On at 20:21 CET

Among the members of Barça, Ludovic Giuly, Luis García and Francesco Coco stood out, who made his debut as a Barça veteran.

In this way, Barça won the Oman Legends Match, which was played this Friday in the Asian country.

Along with the Barça expedition, the president of the Barça Jugadors Association, Ramon Alfonseda, and the directors Josep Moratalla and Josep Palau also traveled.

The Barcelona team consisted of the following players:

Oscar Harpoon

Thomas christiansen

Francesco Coco

Santi Ezquerro

Robert Fernandez

Luis Garcia

Ludovic giuly

Jon Andoni Goikoetxea

Miguel Angel Lozano

Luis Milla

Gaizka mendieta

Esteve Moner

Miquel Àngel Nadal

Victor Muñoz

Felip ortiz

Pepito Ramos

Albert Tomàs

Xavi M. Villena

Legends of Real Madrid and Barcelona will revive their traditional rivalry in Panama this Saturday in a friendly match. Luis Figo, Fernando Redondo and Christian Karembeu, for Real Madrid, and Andoni Goikoetxea, Patrick Kluivert and Rivaldo, for the Barça team, are among the 30 players from both teams who are in Panama to play the match, at the Rommel national stadium Fernández at 8:00 p.m. local time (3:00 a.m. on Sunday Spanish peninsular time).


On at 19:21 CEST


Both Barça and Madrid are the most popular Spanish teams among Panamanian fans and the white club even has a school in the country. Eugenio Martínez de las Heras will be the coach of the Real Madrid veterans team while Carles Rexach, that of FC Barcelona.

The "legends" of Real Madrid summoned in Panama are Carlos Santillana, Contreras, Fabio Cannavaro, Francisco Pavon, Rubén de la Red, Figo, Christian Karembeu, Fernando Redondo, Iván Zamorano, Fernando Morientes, Savio Bortolini, Andrés Sabido, David Belenguer, Fernando Sanz, Jesús Enrique Velasco, José Emilio López and Michel Salgado.