When it got dark around 5:30 p.m., the search was stopped

For murder convictions, certain legal characteristics such as cruelty or malice must be present.

The suspect was silent on the allegations, said Lorenz. According to newspaper reports, he had told the police that he had nothing to do with Rebecca’s disappearance. Another sister told the newspaper "B.Z." after the arrest on Monday evening: "We as a family are still behind him. We stick together. The evidence has not changed."

Investigators have "a lot of clues"

The search for the missing Rebecca or her body was meanwhile going on around the Britz district on the southern outskirts of Berlin. "The top priority is to find Rebecca"said the prosecutor’s spokeswoman. There are a lot of clues, but nothing can be said about this for tactical reasons.

Of course, the homicide squad hopes to find the body in order to secure possible clues about the perpetrator, such as DNA traces, hair or fingerprints. The longer a corpse lies in the open air or in the water, the more difficult the work of forensics becomes.

The police had already sent search dogs and a helicopter and published photos in the past two weeks. A sister of Rebecca’s hashtagged through several Internet portals "findbecci" Appeals and requests for help published. The police received 348 reports – so far without any result.

Rebecca has been missing for two weeks

Rebecca had stayed at her sister’s family home in a quiet residential area on the night of February 18. At night or in the morning she disappeared. Shortly afterwards, her cell phone was permanently switched off. It was speculated that the young person wanted to meet someone. Whereby it remained a mystery why that could have been in the early morning.

Rebecca’s sister’s husband is said to have testified that he came home on the morning of February 18, a Monday, at 5.45 a.m. from his work as a cook and a subsequent party with colleagues. Rebecca’s sister is said to have left the house with her child around 7:00 a.m.

The man, like other family members, was questioned by the police several times. After his first arrest last Thursday evening, the criminal police searched the house, the garden, the garage and also the car on Friday. According to the police, an initial search had already taken place beforehand. The police had to release him on Friday because the investigating judge thought the evidence was too thin. 

Report: brother-in-law should not be allowed to leave the city parents of Rebecca: "She wouldn’t do this to us just by staying away."

 The second judge decided differently on the same basis and saw an urgent suspicion. The suspect is far from being convicted. A few hairs and fibers from a blanket in a family car used by several people should hardly be enough for a circumstantial trial. The pressure on the police to find Rebecca or her body continues.

Sources used: news agencies dpa

A turtle in the United States was injured in the belly shell and nearly killed. But thanks to a Lego enthusiast, the animal can even walk again.

A seriously injured turtle drives a Lego wheelchair through the Maryland Zoo clinic in Baltimore after a tank operation. The injured animal was found in a park by a zoo worker in July and brought to the clinic.

After the successful operation two months ago, the zoo team developed the unusual wheelchair together with a Lego enthusiast friend. "The wheels allow the turtle maximum freedom of movement. The Lego is light and changeable. That gives us leeway"says zoo director Ellen Bronson, who is responsible for animal health.

Healing will take about a year

"The turtle had a broken belly shell. It is uncommon for turtles to be injured only on the underside"said Bronson. The shell has been held together by metal plates, brackets and wires since the engagement.https://123helpme.me/argumentative-essay/

Flippers dark side: Why do dolphins beat octopuses unconscious? Diseases at a glance: Cats can also get AIDS He understands more than he thought: That is why it is important how you talk to your dog

Bronson and her team are happy with the healing process. Still, full healing will take about a year. "As long as the turtle stays with us. Then the animal is released back into the park"said Bronson. The turtle now no longer needs any medication and is preparing for hibernation. "She lives outside and is very active. Except for the fractures, there is no difference to healthy animals."

The Baltimore Zoo is conducting long-term studies and observing wild turtle behavior. According to Bronson, the zoo team discovered the then healthy turtle back in 2000 and provided it with a transmitter. Therefore the animal could now be recognized.

Sources used: dpa

15-year-old Rebecca Reusch from Berlin is still missing. Now her mother is talking about an Internet acquaintance who could have something to do with the disappearance of Rebecca. 

Berlin police are looking for missing 15-year-olds
Photo series with 8 pictures

Since February 18th there has been no sign of life from Rebecca. The police now assume a homicide and looked for her body again on Wednesday in a forest in Brandenburg – still without success. Rebecca’s brother-in-law, Florian R., has been in custody for days.

The family continues to believe the 27-year-old, who is suspected by the police, to be innocent. Mother Brigitte R. said in an interview with the tabloid magazine "Colorful" now voiced another theory about the disappearance of Rebecca.

Missing Rebecca: Large-scale search in Brandenburg
Photo series with 16 pictures

"There really was someone. A Max or Maxi. She told me that in January. They would get along so well, as if they had known each other forever and he wanted to come and see them soon", so Brigitte R. to "Colorful".

"Maybe she met this boy"

She told Rebecca that under no circumstances should she meet him alone. "When she didn’t come home on Monday and the police said a blanket had disappeared from Jessica’s house, my first thought was: Maybe she met this boy and took the blanket to sit on"the mother explains further. She would always have taught her never to just sit on the floor like that so that she wouldn’t get a cystitis.

(Source: t-online)

It was clear to the family that Florian R. had nothing to do with the disappearance of Rebecca. "Florian does everything for us. He is extremely attached to my husband, his father-in-law, and would never harm us. As long as we don’t know one hundred percent that Florian has something to do with Becci’s disappearance, the presumption of innocence applies to us", Brigitte R. clarifies.

Sister wants to visit suspect in prison

It is unclear whether the mother also reported her suspicions to the police. A police spokesman said on request that details that relatives utter in the media will not be commented on. Her family had speculated that Rebecca might want to meet someone before.

And also sister Jessica, the wife of Florian R. could not imagine that Florian could have done anything to her sister. He is like a big brother to Rebecca. She would have written that in the wedding newspaper of her older sister and Florian R. Jessica R. wanted to visit her husband in prison as soon as possible. He is a kind-hearted and sensitive husband and a touching father for their two-year-old daughter Tiana.

New focus in Brandenburg: Police used special technology to search for Rebecca Case Rebecca: The list of missing teenagers has long disappeared Child: You have to do that

On the night of February 18, Rebecca stayed with her sister Jessica and her brother-in-law in the family house in Britz. At night or in the morning she disappeared. Shortly afterwards, her cell phone was permanently switched off. The police assume that she did not leave the house and was killed there. At the time of the crime, the missing 15-year-old was alone with Florian R. The police are currently investigating around 1,300 leads.

Sources used: Bunte: "Disregarded notice?" News agency dpa

The police continue the search for the missing Rebecca in Brandenburg. The police officers are again on duty with a boat on Lake Wolziger.

Berlin police are looking for missing 15-year-olds
Photo series with 8 pictures

The officers also use corpse-tracking dogs from North Rhine-Westphalia to search for the missing Rebecca from Berlin. The operation is similar to Monday, said a police spokesman on Tuesday. At the same time, Berlin dog handlers with so-called mantrailers, specially trained search dogs, are on the way on Autobahn 12 Berlin – Frankfurt (Oder). Rebecca disappeared about a month ago, on February 18.

The police are focused on finding a report from the "Berlin newspaper" onto the Fürstenwalde-West motorway exit. The search should take until the afternoon in both locations. The police have now received 1,700 reports. The police had already looked for the missing 15-year-old in the forest near the Wolziger See 50 kilometers southeast of Berlin. The body of water is close to the A12. There, Rebecca’s suspicious brother-in-law’s car was captured that morning before her disappearance and the following evening.

Missing Rebecca: Large-scale search in Brandenburg
Photo series with 16 pictures

The last search in Brandenburg was unsuccessful. On Monday, too, homicide investigators and service dog handlers were out on a boat with two dogs. Divers were not used for the time being. 

According to the police, it is not yet clear how things will continue. New information is expected to be available on Tuesday morning. 

Missed for a month

Rebecca disappeared exactly four weeks ago on February 18: investigators from a homicide squad are processing around 1,700 clues that have so far been received from the population, as a police spokesman said.

Rebecca was last in the house of her sister and her 27-year-old brother-in-law in the Berlin district of Britz on February 18. She didn’t come to school that morning. Investigators assume that the youth did not leave the house alive.

Media expert: "Wrong tracks can be laid"Rebecca Case: The list of missing teenagers is long gone Child: You have to do this

They suspect the brother-in-law of killing them. He is on remand. The police have already combed forests in Brandenburg several times and examined them with special equipment. Without success.

Sources used: dpa news agency

There is still no trace of Rebecca from Berlin. On Saturday, the police searched the forest in Brandenburg for the third time – again without success. Do not search on Sunday.

Missing Rebecca: Large-scale search in Brandenburg
Photo series with 16 pictures

For the third day in a row, the Berlin police searched unsuccessfully with a hundred and detection dogs for the missing Rebecca. A spokesman for t-online.de confirmed this. The extensive forest area near Kummersdorf around 50 kilometers southeast of Berlin was combed again without any traces of the 15-year-olds from Berlin being found. 

As in the previous two days, the officers started around 11 a.m. When it got dark around 5:30 p.m., the search was stopped. Specially trained sniffer dogs supported the search again.

Berlin police are looking for missing 15-year-olds
Photo series with 8 pictures

A police spokesman told t-online.de that the search should not be carried out again on Sunday. He could not say anything about the reasons or whether the search will be resumed later. 

Gallery: The police are looking for a large number of people in Brandenburg

Rebecca disappeared from her sister and brother-in-law’s house in Berlin in the early hours of the morning on February 18. The criminal police believe that she was killed. The case of the young people was also on the ZDF broadcast on Wednesday evening "File number XY … unsolved" treated.

Has anyone seen the car?

In the meantime, more than 1000 references to the case have been received in just under three weeks, said the police spokeswoman. They would all be checked and then prioritized depending on their possible importance.

Among the clues were at least one or more of the forest between the small Brandenburg towns of Kummersdorf and Wolzig in the vicinity of Storkow. Maybe someone saw Rebecca’s brother-in-law’s red car there. The car was registered on the nearby A12 on the morning of February 18 and in the evening of February 19 by an automatic registration system. The cameras hang on a bridge over the motorway directly at the Storkow exit.

Missing Rebecca: A trial would also be possible without a body being found "XY": "Rebecca shouldn’t have left the house"Rebecca: Riddle about WhatsApp messages from brother-in-law

According to the police, the brother-in-law is the only person who could have driven the car at the times mentioned. The rides should not fit his narrated version at all. The man is in custody as a suspect and, according to the police, is silent on the allegations.

Sources used: dpa news agency, own research

Doctors in the USA have achieved a medical breakthrough: For the first time, an organ transplant has been carried out among carriers of the HI virus.

Scientists in the USA have achieved another success in the medical treatment of HIV-infected people: For the first time, surgeons transplanted the kidney of an infected organ donor to a recipient who was also infected.