Don’t become an idol to a grandfather-teacher who tells stories from his youth instead of his subject.

Offering students not terror and oppression, but partnership, the latest methods of encouragement, motivation, a modern leader should create not so much a school family as a strong team, where each individual is motivated to win as dogs running in a single team, sticking out their tongues. But for them the main thing is to achieve the goal. And the leader must be ahead, the leader, the leader, the role model.

But if he sits on a sleigh, putting under his ass the possessions of others to whom he has nothing to do, and, brazenly inflating his cheeks from his own ambitions, only beats the team members with a whip to flee from pain, fear, hunger, then in the end -eventually the one who carries the education and greedy, arrogant, useful, greedy parasite-leader, will begin to breathe, one by one, slowly. And the movement will stop, right in the middle of the icy field of complex modern life. And then there will be trouble …

The modern teacher should surprise the student, and while the student sits, opening his mouth with delight, with large shovels of pedagogical methods, the teacher must throw there knowledge and skills in his subject. But it will not be possible to surprise with a scratched board and a piece of chalk all year round, it will not be possible to surprise with the principle “I am a teacher, so I am God”.

Modern children have no gods, only idols who inspire by their own example. But not to become an idol of a teacher of retirement age with a push-button phone, with the smell of corvalol in the classroom, with laziness, not wanting to progress. Don’t become an idol to a grandfather-teacher who tells stories from his youth instead of his subject. Not to become an idol of a teacher who does not come to the lesson, who leaves the children alone, which of the methods brings only “reading a paragraph”.

It will not be taught by the teacher-worker, who, not knowing the subject, takes hours only to earn a month, with the tacit consent of rural children and their parents. Do not become role models for those teachers who during distance learning, which became a challenge to society, broke away from children, giving dozens of tasks, without even being able to write a task by hand without mistakes or take a quality photo from erased manuals … This teacher is always whining about the lack of the Internet, gadgets and their own ability to use them.

Shame on such teachers. For those who go to school only for a salary. They do not have their own opinion, dignity, they are characterless, invertebrate adapters, which, like a gray liquid, blur before the authorities, even when it spits in their faces with its arbitrariness and its own ambitions. The liquid licks someone else’s poison and floats again in the gray corridors of the school. And only once a month a sincere emotion “salary has come!” Appears on their faces, and immediately “And why is it so small here?”

The modern teacher must be multifunctional, he must be able to do everything. Peasants are often betrayed by the fact that everyone knows each other, are relatives, godparents, and this entails silence, shyness, fear of remarks. Peasants do not understand that a teacher just crosses the threshold of school – he must become a teacher, without family relations, without whining, without rural ties.

The teacher is not a god, he was hired by the state, paying him leave, sick leave, health, refresher courses, providing classes with repairs, appliances, electricity, furniture, heat, wages, and finally. It is not you, the parents, who owe him anything, but he must fulfill his official duties assigned to him by the state, providing everything necessary, to be a worthy example for students. And which teacher teaches your children? Modern or liquid? Slurry destroys education from within, and this is trouble …

And finally, the idea of ​​the main, no, the most important participant in the educational process: the Ukrainian child. I deliberately put it at the end of the chain, because the realities of the modern rural mentality, I emphasize, rural, are such that the student is in last place. For some reason, everyone, from the head of the village to the grief-teacher and even his own parents, is the last to remember the schoolboy.

Rural school today is often the satisfaction of their own ambitions of individuals, a refuge for those who in a professional sense for society – ZERO. It is a place of rural gossip-battles, a source of enrichment of one’s own pocket, a supplement to the meager pension of pensioners, but, unfortunately, it is not a place for quality education of the future citizen.

The child as a creature for which education, schools, lessons, pedagogical methods were originally created, today has not even receded into the background, but dropped out of the system in general.

And the worst thing is that the student’s own parents do not put him in the first place. They worry about their own reputation, employment, have a fear of arrogant educators, turn a blind eye to gaps in the education and upbringing of their own children, the first to commit a crime against the one who gave birth, who is their continuation, for whom they have to scratch it only flows with the snot of patience, indifference and fear.

Rural education is in pre-death convulsions, and all this is being watched by those who benefit from it. Well, a savior will not come from Kyiv, will not fly from Mars, Christ will not come down from heaven, and even a leader from the area will not come to save. There will be no savior! Only we can pull ourselves by the hair out of the swamp, which we ourselves have allowed to form.

So, parents, kind and trusting peasants, it’s time for you to save the village, to stand up for your own children, to give them the opportunity to live such a happy and carefree childhood that you had in your native village school. Change what you don’t like. After all, today the laws allow all of us to choose from the President to the school principal. Yes, yes, this is not a typo, the school principal today is an elected position, he should be a servant of the educational process, not you his servant. So destroy what you don’t like, take decisive steps.

Choose what you want to see: happy adult children in graduation suits or stuffed pockets of people who are interested but indifferent to your children. Do you want to see educated, educated children of your own, with whom you meet old age, or the satisfaction of other people’s ambitions for the sake of power and enrichment? The choice is yours! Only for you.

But don’t forget that rural education is in near-death convulsions, and the bill goes on for minutes. Even today, you can give her artificial respiration and revive, removing those who interfere with her. But tomorrow may be too late, because the village school will be a corpse, which we will bury with our own hands in the cemetery of life. And those who profit from our children today will not bring even cookies to her grave.

RS: I would like to draw your attention to the fact that there is no “technical staff” link in the scheme of preserving rural education. With all due respect to each of them, for their work (by the way, not free), for their ability to make the house clean and cozy, yet they do not participate in the educational process, and should not take. If in a rural school the technical staff directly influences the system of education or secretly manages it, this is a problem. Big trouble …

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I do not want my child to be taught Christian ethics by a person who sometimes does not conform to its norms.

E. Fidkevich: a discussion of Christian ethics at school

Author: Elena Fidkevich, Leading Researcher of the Institute of Pedagogy of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Candidate of Philological Sciences.

My attention was drawn to the discussion of the course of Christian ethics in school. As for me, I have doubts.

First, Ukraine is not a mono-confessional state.

Secondly, it is a family matter. Even the optional course raises questions for me. If it is read by a secular person, then it is simply information about the basics of Christian ethics. If it’s a clergyman, it’s probably more appropriate in Sunday schools.

Well, and as always, a provocative message .. And atheism has already been abolished at the legislative level? That is, universal ethics is possible, or is ethics only recognized in the context of Christianity, Judaism, Islam?

I am a Christian, but I admit it is my personal business. And the limit of my faith, my relationship with God, I also determine in the process of my spiritual experience. This is the only correct position for me.

I do not want my child to be taught Christian ethics by someone who may not always live up to his or her own standards.

And where to get them, such moral – in such numbers? After all, even a church person sometimes looks for his priest for a long time.

So, the question is open to me. Maybe confusion in my head. But I trust my intuition. And she tells me that this innovation can have bad consequences.

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Another functionality for post-Soviet education is the transition to the separation of senior management from others

V. White: another functionality for post-Soviet education

Author: Vladimir Bely, ex-deputy director for OIA, physical and technical lyceum of Kherson.

New Ukrainian school “New post”

Why did the appearance of Nova Poshta become universally desirable for Ukrainians, but not so with the “changes” in education?

Because in the first case, they immediately used a radically different functionality, and did not “improve” the existing one.

Another feature of post-Soviet education is the transition to the separation of senior and primary / basic.

It was here that our reformers “swelled up” … and began explanations, explanations and explanations, but not reform. Despite the fact that the new lyceums for high school students at universities in the 90s were immediately praised by the population.

And also despite the fact that the newly moderated personal interests and aptitudes / abilities of high school students are guaranteed to become a “motor oil” for a truly high-quality academic, scientific and vocational education as a new socio-economic foundation of a young European country.

It is a pity that there are still no public opinion leaders from the extracurricular environment who could talentedly and easily convey such an analogy to the parent community.

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