Marine look, floral pattern, rock chic and military look.

Meanwhile, the researchers monitored their brain activity with the help of a magnetic encephalograph (MEG). This method measures changes in the brain’s magnetic fields that are triggered by nerve activity.

Woman activates more brain

The MEG showed that both hemispheres of the brain were activated in women as soon as they assessed the image. In men, the activity was limited to a single brain region, namely the right parietal lobe.

A relic from the Stone Age

Such gender-specific differences are also known from other perceptual processes. Neuroscientists suspect that women tend to classify spatial relationships more categorically. These categories are: above and below, in front and behind, inside and outside. This is not the case with men: they save distances between objects when looking at them, similar to a coordinate system. This was probably an advantage in the early division of tasks in human societies, the researchers write in the specialist magazine "Proceedings".

With the monkeys everything was still the same

In addition, the results indicated that the differences between men and women arose after the evolutionary ancestors of humans separated from the ancestors of today’s chimpanzees. After all, the main development of the frontal lobe took place only after this separation.

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Goodbye to black and dark brown, winter is over and light tones are moving into the wardrobe. Pastel ice cream colors, nude tones, camel and beige are particularly popular. Skirts, blouses and trench coats look feminine and harmonize perfectly with the delicate green of bushes and shrubs. What else does spring fashion 2010 have to offer? Marine look, floral pattern, rock chic and military look. We show the most beautiful pieces.

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Navy and sixties for spring fashion

This spring, fashion designers value patterns. The classic marine look is characterized by blue and white stripes. They come across as charming in elegant dark blue and white. Whether jeans or miniskirts, the look is suitable for every occasion. But flower patterns are also in fashion again in 2010 – large areas in particular can be found on tops and blouses and spread a good mood.

Overalls for the daring

In general, there is a lot on the subject of flower power in the shops: dresses in the sixties look are in vogue. Whether patterned or in bright colors – these pieces make you an eye-catcher. With bright tops in seventies style, Bermuda shorts in beige or jeans go well. For daring fashion lovers, spring fashion presents sleeveless overalls, mainly made of jeans. Berber trousers with a wide cut on the thighs are also being talked about.

Casual military look

The right jacket is essential for cool spring evenings. If you want to go with spring fashion, you have the choice between short jackets in military chic and trench coats. Both are nice to combine and available in many different facets. The army jacket in delicate rose goes well with a denim skirt, while the black blazer goes well with red jeans or a hip studded shirt. The trench coat is an ideal companion for rainy days. Depending on the material and color, it can be used universally.

Rivets and rock chic

Speaking of rivets: Rock chic remains an important style for the 2010 season. Anyone who has already stocked up on a leather jacket, sequin accessories and rivet parts in autumn can combine them in spring – especially with black and white combinations and cool jeans.

Splash, splash – the rainy days are becoming more and more frequent from now on. But there is a fashionable ray of hope: This year the rubber boot is making a big splash. Gone are the days of the monotonous Friesian boot, in which at most children, farmers and dog owners came along. The new models are elegantly checked or cheerfully flowered. We show the most beautiful rubber boots.

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Multi-faceted rubber boots

The new rubber boots have many facets. They look particularly feminine with a heel. Black treads with a croco look or models with lace applications look particularly classy. The tartan rubber shoe looks classic. On the other hand, funny models in bright colors, floral patterns or funny pop art figures spread a good mood. Those interested in fashion will also notice details such as decorative buckles and lining. Only one thing remains common to all rubber boots: their chunky shape.

Rainy weather ?: Your feet will stay dry in these rubber boots

Colorful walking fun for wet days

But if the shape is a disadvantage, the advantages of the colorful boots must also be mentioned: They are easy to care for and waterproof. If it gets too cold in there, you can grab a fur sole or slip into thick woolen socks. But the best thing is: if your feet are wrapped in rubber, you can walk to your heart’s content and jump into puddles.

The new Jil Sander boutique is just a click away. You can get to the Prada dress via a search engine. And the question of whether it should be shoes from Jimmy Choo or rather from Christian Louboutin is decided in a relaxed manner on the living room couch. More and more luxury brands are discovering online business. Today you can get practically everything online that you used to have to travel to New York, Milan or at least Berlin or Hamburg for. Many designers sell at least part of their collections via a link on their own homepage. We give examples of luxury shopping on the PC – and tell you what to look out for when shopping online.

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Virtual luxury department stores

Fashion enthusiasts can get hold of several noble labels from web brand houses such as Net-a-porter or Stylebop. Really existing luxury boutiques are also increasingly offering online shops, and thrifty luxury lovers can find cheap remaining stock in Internet outlets. It was different a few years ago: mail order business has a long tradition in Germany, but one looked in the catalogs in vain for luxury goods.

From accessories to evening dresses – everything is on offer

"When I started, it was said that at best accessories could be sold successfully on the Internet" says Mario Eimuth, who launched Stylebop in 2004 and has since offered high-quality brands from Munich. But now even the most expensive cashmere sweaters or elaborate evening dresses are sent by courier to every corner of the world.

open 24hrs

As with any other product sold on the Internet, the greatest advantage in designer fashion is the constant availability of the goods. An online shop is open 24 hours a day, delivers to your home or office and even gives fashion enthusiasts access to world-famous fashion and brands in smaller locations. What does not like or does not fit can be returned free of charge. The quota here is at least 25 percent. Which, by the way, is more of a German phenomenon, says Benjamin Günther, one of the four founders of the Stylight search engine, which scours several Internet shops. In other countries, especially when it was a bargain, people tend to try to pass on what they have bought to friends.

Service and styling tips instead of a glamorous ambience

But there are also handicaps: "The emotional factor is the greatest disadvantage and at the same time the greatest challenge of online business" admits Benjamin Günther. It is true that the atmosphere of a classy flagship store cannot be simulated on the screen. But the providers know about the importance of feeling and sensuality when shopping. Complex, high-quality packaging is now standard. There are also extensive service packages. The real saleswoman, for example, is replaced by stylists who can be reached by email or telephone.

Online fitting possible soon?

"We now have completely different technical options for presenting the goods on the Internet" says Mario Eimuth. Stylebop, for example, provides rotating, three-dimensional views of an item of clothing. With Net-a-porter, small video sequences can be played with one model for many models. And the experts agree: customers will soon be able to try them on themselves virtually. The first versions are already running, for example on the homepage of the sunglasses manufacturer Ray Ban.

Limited goods via mobile phone notification

Thanks to the new smartphones, shopping is now also releasing its last spatial restraints. Special applications for these formats are the latest trump card in courting for customers. For example, apps can be used to locate the origin of a piece of clothing that has been seen and photographed somewhere on the street. Or there is exclusive access to limited editions of individual fashion houses. Nobody knows yet where all this will end. Natalie Massenet, the woman behind Net-a-porter, once prophesied the gradual complete dissolution of stationary retail. Others prefer to speak of a coexistence of the various possibilities. After all, strolling in the city center is also something of a socio-cultural event.

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Sarah Jessica Parker, Salma Hayek and also superwoman Fergie: They all measure less than 1.65 meters – and are therefore far from the model size. If you don’t have long legs like her, you know that finding the right clothes is really tricky. Seasonal trend items such as long cardigans or overknees are chic, but unsuitable. But with a few fashion tips, you too can make it big. What you should pay attention to when styling and how the stars successfully cheat themselves bigger:

Photo show styling tips from little celebrities

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Body on a line

The most important rule to simulate length is: Do not cover up or compress the silhouette. A belt that is too wide or long trousers that touch the hem of the shoes make the body look even more compact. Also on three-quarter or wide bell-bottoms, dresses in A-line, wall dresses or maxi patterns. You threaten to “sink” into it.

Less color, more leg

On the other hand, smaller patterns and similar colors for tops and pants are good for visually stretching. Mini dresses, pencil skirts, tight-fitting pants and boot-cut jeans also look great on little women because they conjure up long legs. The smaller the pattern, the better for you, and the sooner an outfit in the same color is chosen, the more it emphasizes the central axis of your body – both have a similar stretching effect.

Styling tips for accessories

Narrow belts, bangles and small glasses or bags will perfectly match your proportions. Belts should be the same color as the skirt or pants so as not to disrupt the silhouette. The accessories should appear fine and filigree, everything else conceals too much of the body and makes them appear even smaller.

Don’t jump on all shoe trends

In summer it was Roman sandals, this winter it is overknees: every season there are trends that women who are far from model sizes should not wear.