This is the first time such changes have occurred in the historical park.

In the New Year’s program “Winter’s Tale”, the choir’s pupils will perform well-known compositions for the Russian listener: “Motherland”, “I Dreamed of Height from Childhood”, “March of the Happy Children”, “Give Joy to People”, “Song of the Motherland” and many others “, – the message says. 

The performance will take place with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the All-Russian Choral Society.

The choir was founded in 2013 following a competitive selection of children aged 9 to 14 years. It has 1,000 vocalists from all regions of our country and leading choral educational institutions.

A parade of Snow Maidens will take place at the Travel to Christmas festival in Moscow, according to the official website of the Moscow Mayor. 

“Anyone can join the procession. It is best to wear Snegurochka costumes and other carnival costumes. The parade will begin on Tverskaya Square at 18:00. Gathering of participants – near the stage, which is located behind the monument to Yuri Dolgoruky, “- said in the message. 

The parade will be held for the fifth time. 

The Journey to Christmas Festival runs from December 14 to January 13 at 78 venues. The main theme of the festival this year was fairy tales and favorite books. 

This essay about my teachers my hero year, more than 500 New Year trees have appeared on the festival grounds. The tallest tree (20 meters high) is located on Manezhnaya Square.

The main events of the festival will take place in the city center – on Red Square, Revolution Square, Manezhnaya and Tverskaya Squares, Tverskoy Boulevard, Novopushkinsky Square, on Kuznetsky Most, Rozhdestvenka, Novy Arbat streets and others. 

As part of the festival, ice theaters appeared in the city in Novopushkinsky square and on Red Square. Also, guests of the holiday will be able to play laser tag on Manezhnaya Square, ride down the ice slides between Manezhnaya Square and Revolution Square, as well as in Stoleshnikov Lane and Profsoyuznaya Street. In addition, it will be possible to play curling, go for a ride in the snowboard park and participate in other winter activities. 

Last year, Travel to Christmas Festival was attended by over 14 million people. It ran from December 22 to January 14.

The first 2019 guests will be able to visit the park “Russia is my history” for free, according to the official website of the mayor of Moscow. 

Pavilion 57 VDNKh will open its doors after reconstruction on Monday at 14:00. 

“The” Enter the first 2019 “campaign starts today, on the first day of the park, and will last until we give out 2019 tickets. In addition, during the New Year holidays, there will be free admission for visitors under 18 years of age. All expositions will be open for free viewing, including “Russia – my history: 1945–2017”. We combined it with the previously existing exhibition dedicated to 1917-1945, and now all the events of the 20th century are presented in a panoramic manner. We have prepared a lot of interesting, and most importantly, unusual novelties that will help guests of different ages learn the amazing details of the country’s history, ”said Ivan Yesin, director of the historical park“ Russia is my history ”.

Renewal of the exhibitions “Romanovs”, “Rurikovichs”, “From Great Upheavals to the Great Victory”, “Russia – My History. 1945–2016 ”was prepared for seven months and affected all areas of the project. This is the first time such changes have occurred in the historical park.

Visitors will be able to see new collages dedicated to ancient Russian culture, the estates of the Russian Empire, the culture of the XX-XXI centuries. The stand, which tells about the contribution of ordinary people to the Great Victory, about labor and military exploits in the rear, deserves special attention.

Some of the most voluminous exhibits of the renewed exposition are the “Tree of the Romanovs” and the complete “Tree of the Rurikovichs”. 

Park “Russia – My History” is a “living” textbook of the history of Russia, already loved by schoolchildren and students for its clarity and fascination. The exhibition materials were recommended by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.  

Historical Park “Russia – My History” was opened in Moscow on December 29, 2015. It is located at VDNKh in pavilion 57. Its exhibition space has more than doubled – from 13.5 to 27.9 thousand square meters. The park was created on the basis of the multimedia historical exhibitions of the cycle “My History” held in the Manege. 

Currently, the multimedia complexes “Russia – my history” have already opened in Moscow and 17 administrative centers of the regions, in particular, in Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Stavropol and Volgograd.

The 8th International Educational Exhibition hiEdu 2017: “Language courses, preparation for universities and higher education abroad” will be held in Moscow on February 12, 2017.

The hiEdu 2017 exhibition is supported by the Australian Trade Commission – Austrade, the Representative Office of the French State Educational Agency in Russia – Campus France, and the American Educational Information Center.

Foreign language centers, private schools and colleges, leading universities, business schools, institutes of hotel management, design and fashion, as well as education departments at the embassies of different countries and providers of educational projects will present their programs. Visitors to the exhibition will learn about studying foreign languages ​​abroad, preparing for passing language exams, getting an education in private schools and universities in different countries, preparing for prestigious foreign higher educational institutions. 

The organizer of the exhibition is the Open World Education Group, a leading Russian company for study abroad. The company is a member of the Russian Association of Educational Consultants (ARCO / AREA), ICEF Agency, English UK and Quality English Partner Agency.

During the exhibition, its participants will hold seminars and presentations in a separate equipped hall. Students and their parents will be able to personally communicate with representatives of foreign educational institutions and ask questions regarding registration for training, the composition of educational programs, the cost of training and the possibility of obtaining scholarships.

Pre-registration is carried out on the website The entrance for visitors is free. 

Venue: hotel “Marriott Royal Aurora”, exhibition opening hours – from 12:00 to 18:00. 

In 2017, the content of USE assignments in chemistry has changed globally, both in structure and in the assessment system. Let’s figure out what to do to be confident in our abilities on the exam.

There will be no more tests in the USE in chemistry, the number of tasks will decrease to 34, their structure will correspond to the course of chemistry – for this, a grouping by topic has been introduced. The FIPI experts explain their decision on changes by the fact that in this form the chemistry exam will become a better test of knowledge. 

How to prepare for the exam in chemistry? The motto of the graduate in the process of preparing and passing the exam: “Do what you must, and come what may.” The topics and types of tasks that will be on the exam are known, and the student’s job is to get and consolidate systemic knowledge on them and train to solve problems. Problem solving is one of the most important blocks of training in chemistry. 

How to learn to solve problems in chemistry? To do this, you need to know the concepts, understand the principles of their interconnections and, of course, train in solving problems. Again and again. 

An important point is an independent decision! It is necessary to abandon the mechanical choice of ready-made answer options, find a solution and formulate the answer yourself. It is also very important to carefully analyze each problem in order to understand what was the mistake, why this answer is correct and the other is not. 

What options does a student have in order to get good chemistry training? School lessons are not enough for many, finding a good tutor is often a problem, Internet sites only offer tests that do not help to master the material …

Especially for those who are now preparing for the Unified State Exam, the application “HiShnik” has been developed. In it, students solve problems: they independently enter the answer (no tests!) And receive training tips and comments from the program. The catalog of problems of “Khishnik” consists of more than 1500 problems on all topics of school chemistry, from 8 to 11 grades. The student chooses the level of tasks on his own – you can immediately go to increased complexity, or you can move, gradually increasing the level.

Preparing for the Unified State Exam together with Khishnik is an excellent addition to school lessons and extracurricular activities. This is an individual approach to each student and educational tips for each task. The graduate gets the opportunity to train on the topics and types of tasks that he needs. 

In “Khishnik” you can solve computational problems, enter molecular, structural, electronic formulas and reaction equations.