Marchisio has expressed: “” I don’t know if it will end, but it should be resumed

Marcelino is looking for a player with a much more defensive profile than Aleix Vidal.

Former Juventus footballer Claudio Marchisio has spoken about how his former teammate Arturo Vidal would arrive at Inter Milan. In addition, he has also assessed how the return of Serie A should be and the future of Sarri on the ‘bianconero’ bench.


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Aleix Vidal

On the possible signing of the Chilean midfielder to Inter Milan, he commented: "I would not like. Arthur would give them an even stronger soul. He is one of those that you would always like to have in the field by your side".

Serie A is still waiting for a date to resume the competition because they are not sure that the necessary security conditions can be met. Marchisio has expressed: "I don’t know if it will end, but it must be resumed. No waiting for zero infections, but always safely".

He has also given his opinion on the figure of Maurizio Sarri, who has been questioned throughout the season. "The Juventus coach is always judged, but we have to wait for the results at the end of the season. To date he is still alive in all three competitions, so he must be evaluated in the end".

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Claudio Marchisio hung up his boots last season after spending most of his career at Juventus, minus the 2007/2008 season at Empoli and his last campaign at Zenit.

Since Aleix Vidal signed the loan with Deportivo Alavés, he has been having a somewhat irregular season in which his performance is seen from less to more. Little by little, he is acquiring an increasingly leading role for Asier Garitano in a team that is suffering more than necessary at this start of the season. 


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Aleix Vidal

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Aleix Vidal: "It’ll be very special for me to return to the Camp Nou"

In an interview for Marca, the Catalan has assessed the options that Alavés has in the next league match on matchday 18 against FC Barcelona: "For me it will be very special to play at the Camp Nou again. It is always difficult to get something out of there. It is a very complicated stadium that to win there you have to do things very well and coincide with them having a bad day".

"Our intention will be to go play a game to win knowing that the streak that we are dragging away from home is very bad and that they are Barça", has pointed out.

The former Barça player also wanted to highlight the importance of Leo Messi although he considers that now, Barça is also capable of doing damage if he is not on the field: "If he doesn’t play, anyone else can do it very well. It is a great club and has a very complete squad. We saw it in the Champions League against Inter Milan who, it seemed they were going to suffer and in the end they won well".

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After the elimination of the Basque team from the Copa del Rey, Vidal explains that the match against the Catalans can help them to try to "boost locker room morale and start the new year with a different mindset". Right now, Garitano’s men are in 14th position in the league championship, just five points from relegation. 

Aleix Vidal, the Barcelona defender, has once again surprised all his followers and fans with one of his surprising messages on social networks. Aleix Vidal, who is still on vacation, seems to be enjoying it, not without preparing thoroughly to face the season that is about to start in the best possible way. 

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Aleix Vidal

Aleix Vidal is preparing to face the preseason with Barcelona, ​​which is the club with which he has a contract, but he is also aware that he is on the transferable list and that his representatives are looking for an outlet in the Spanish and European market.

At the moment, it seems that Inter Milan’s option is on the right track, although Inter Milan has only contacted the player’s representative, before doing so with Barcelona, ​​a club with which it does not maintain a very good relations especially after what happened in the Rafinha case, where the Italian club has not kept its word.

This time the message was as follows: "Who does not embrace the effort, will not be able to kiss the victory".

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Aleix Vidal, then, continues to enjoy the holidays while waiting to start the preseason, whatever the club.

Aleix Vidal has apologized to both his coaches and his teammates at Deportivo Alavés, after the controversial statements he made after the match against Betis last day of the Santander League. The Deportivo Aalvés player, a former Barcelona player, among other clubs, wanted to do so through an official statement that was posted on the club’s website.


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Aleix Vidal

In it, it was reported that Aleix Vidal, a player from the first team, had asked the club to echo his words regarding the controversial statements he made after Alavés – Betis last Sunday.

And these are Aleix Vidal’s words of apology:

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“Mistakes have three steps: accept them, overcome them, and do not repeat them. And I want to publicly apologize to both my teammates and the coaching staff, especially our coach Asier Garitano, for the statements I made the other day just after the match against Real Betis. Let no one doubt that my commitment will be the maximum from the first day to the last. Yours sincerely: Aleix Vidal ”.

Aleix Vidal, Barcelona defender, is on the Intre Milan transfer schedule. Inter Milan’s sporting director, Piero Ausilio, has already contacted the player and Barcelona’s environment to find out about Aleix Vidal’s contractual situation, which is of interest to reinforce the interista squad. Inter Milan need to cover Cancelo’s absence and have thought of Aleix Vidal as an option.


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Aleix Vidal

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Inter show interest in Barça full-back Aleix Vidal

The problem, however, remains the same as always. The problem is economic. Inter Milan wants to negotiate a loan from Aleix Vidal with a purchase option. Inter Milan would be willing to pay 10 million for Aleix Vidal, but Rafinha’s experience, with whom they are still negotiating, does not allow Barcelona to trust.

Hence, at the moment, the negotiations, according to the Italian newspaper ‘La Gazzeta dello Sport’ are in an embryonic state, there have been contacts, but nothing more.

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Presumably, the negotiations between Inter Milan and Barcelona for Rafinha will also talk about the interest in Aleix Vidal, who has the transferable poster.

Sevilla has included French defender Joris Gnagnon and right-handed 1xbet company inside Aleix Vidal on its final list of entries for national competitions, footballers whom Julen Lopetegui had ruled out in the preseason and had not cited for LaLiga matches, although both had not they will be able to act in the Champions League.

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Aleix Vidal

In the last two days of the market, Sevilla obtained the dismissal of Roque Mesa and Sebastien Corchia, in addition to the transfer to SCO Angers of Ibrahim Amadou, but Aleix Vidal and Gnagnon, the other two discards from Lopetegui, did not receive any satisfactory offer, so they continue in the discipline of the club.

Thus, the sevillista coaching staff has decided to register the two players with the two free numbers that were left within the 25 -the ‘2’ for Gnagnon and the ’17’ for Aleix Vidal- and incorporate them into the training sessions of the squad led by Lopetegui .

These two players, however, will not be included in the list of registered for the Champions League, since UEFA limits to twenty-one players not trained in the club available for their competitions, a figure that Sevilla reached on Monday with the Dutch signings Karim Rekik and Oussama Idrissi.

In the same situation is the third goalkeeper of the squad, Javi Díaz, who has been registered for national competitions with the number ’31’ but who for a week does not meet the requirements to be considered a Sevilla player, so neither will appear in the list of available that is sent to UEFA.

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The list of Sevilla numbers for the 20/21 season is as follows: 1. Vaclík – 2. Gnagnon – 3. Sergi Gómez – 4. Rekik – 5. Ocampos – 6. Gudelj – 7. Suso – 8. Joan Jordán – 9. De Jong – 10. Rakitic – 11. Munir – 12. Koundé – 13. Bono – 14. Óscar Rodríguez – 15. En-Nesyri – 16. Jesús Navas – 17. Aleix Vidal – 18. Escudero – 19. Acuña – 20. Diego Carlos – 21. Óliver Torres – 22. Mudo Vázquez – 23. Idrissi – 24. Carlos Fernández – 25. Fernando – 31. Javi Díaz. 

Aleix Vidal, Barcelona defender, did not want to be less than his former teammate and friend, Neymar, and seeing that the Brazilian drew a spectacular tattoo on his chest, he also wanted to do the same. In this way, Aleix Vidal has put himself in the hands of Pablo Bustamate, one of his trusted tattoo artists, and has commissioned him a spectacular tattoo on his chest.