Insta Fit Waist Compression Undershorts


Product description

Color:black or white 

These men’s undershorts help slim down stomachs and keep love handles from bursting out of dress shirts like the Incredible Hulk’s muscles. The effect is dramatic: donning the high-waisted compression garment can make the wearer’s body look 5” thinner immediately. The undershorts are built with comfort in mind and can be worn all day, ideally in combination with other clothes.


About the product
  • Men’s body-shaping undershorts help waists look slimmer as soon as it is slipped on.
  • Helps reduce visibility of love handles and flatten stomach.
  • Designed to make wearers look up to 5” slimmer instantly!
  • Comfortable enough for everyday wear. One size fits most.
  • Machine washable.


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